REED Academy
1 in 34 children have autism in the state of New Jersey.


Dedicated to providing educational programs for
children with autism from diagnosis to age 21

REED stands for Resources for Effective Educational Development — it’s a mouthful…but it represents a commitment to providing children with the highest standard of individualized and specialized education that incorporates science-based, applied behavior analytic intervention services (ABA).

REED Academy recognizes every student with autism learns differently and there is no one-size fits all strategy. By focusing on each child’s individual needs one-to-one, REED’s highly trained faculty supports every student to reach their full potential.

REED Academy’s mission is to provide the most effective science-based intervention to individuals with autism so they can become independent, productive and contributing members of their families and communities.


We educate children on the autism spectrum beginning with our Early Intervention Clinic from diagnosis through age 3, and continuing with REED Academy for students ages 3 to 21. Every student has his or her own instructor, receiving a personalized education. Our programs are built on the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) – the gold standard in autism education endorsed by the CDC and U.S. Surgeon General.