At the REED Foundation for Autism, we are constantly incubating new ideas in education, programming and services in order to share our knowledge with as many communities as possible. A leading voice on autism services, we believe families deserve support in order to ensure the best quality of life for their loved one throughout their lifetime.


REED stands for Resources for Effective Educational Development — it’s a mouthful…but it represents a commitment to providing children with the highest standard of individualized and specialized education that incorporates science-based, applied behavior analytic intervention services (ABA).


REED Foundation for Autism is the umbrella organization funding REED Academy and REED Next. GreensdoGood is a social enterprise dedicating profits back to the REED Foundation.

REED Foundation for Autism

Learn. Live. Work. Thrive.
Helping families identify resources, gain knowledge, and navigate the journey from diagnosis through adulthood.



REED Academy

Organization providing educational programs for children with autism from diagnosis to age 21.




Helping adults with autism engage in their communities, contribute to the workforce and live a meaningful life.

  • Day program providing Job training, employment placement, and community support for adults 21+.
  • Residential program providing supported living for adults 21+.



Greens do Good

Produce With Purpose
A year-round, indoor hydroponic vertical farm
Social enterprise providing funding and employment to support the REED Foundation for Autism.