Our Impact

At the REED Foundation for Autism, we are constantly incubating new ideas in autism education, programming and services in order to share our knowledge with as many communities as possible to improve the lives of people with autism.
A voice nationally on autism services, we believe that families deserve support and funding in order to ensure a quality life for their loved one throughout their lifetime.
We fund through our local and national community partners to promote improving education, housing and community options.

Community Partner Impact

REED Academy

A school for children ages 3-21 on the autism spectrum that uses the methods of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) – the gold standard in autism education endorsed by the CDC and U.S. Surgeon General. REED is a school that never rests on its laurels and always continues to look for new opportunities to innovate. A few of REED’s new initiatives include a partnership with Guiding Eyes for the Blind New York which created the first pilot program for children with autism using a service dog in a school setting and a unique speech therapy program that integrates into the traditional Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) teaching methods.


Opening in Spring 2018

REED Next will be a one-of-a-kind day program for individuals 21 and over on the autism spectrum. REED Next will offer job training, employment placement and community support using the methods of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). REED Next also offers residential placement through REED Residence for individuals who require additional support. REED Next will be partly funded by Medicaid and open to all individuals on the spectrum.

GreensDoGood Vertical Farm


REED Next Social Venture Enterprise
Opening in Fall 2017

GreensDoGood is REED Next’s social venture enterprise. It is a four-season vertical farm that dedicates all of its profits back to individuals with autism. It will also be a great place for people with autism to work! Partnered with Ramapo College Center for Sustainability, Rollins Crummer Graduate School and Philip’s Academy Charter School Ecospaces, the business is a model collaboration for non-profits across the country to move towards long-term financial wellness. GreensDoGood is partly-funded by the New Jersey Department of Health.

UW of Bergen County Logo

REED Residence

A service of REED Next
Opening in Spring 2018

REED Residence, a service offered by REED Next, is a 24-hour residential program for individuals 21 and over on the autism spectrum. REED Residence will use the highest standards of ABA to assist its residents to live a quality life in and outside of their home with highly-trained BCBA supervision and innovative training methodology. REED Residence will be a new, cutting-edge way to deliver residential service to adults with autism that considers individual choice and prioritizes community engagement. REED Residence proudly partners with Bergen County United Way, which owns and manages the property.